Weight loss tips to loose seasonal fat

Weight loss tips to lose seasonal fat
Weight loss tips to lose seasonal fat

People eat more fat and saturated fat throughout the winter months and consume an additional 86 calories per day on average in the fall compared to the spring. As the temperature drops, our body has to work harder to stay warm. In order to produce energy, more calories are needed. When this occurs, the brain receives  instructions from the mind to increase food intake and clothing consumption. We evens top remembering that we are overeating at this point.

​What’s the reason for winter obesity? ​

During winter season we tend to drink less water because of the weather and our body leads to dehydration which results from people generally drinking less water throughout the cold months. Even though our bodies genuinely require water, we mistake our thirst for hunger and consume more than we need it.In winter depression is a real condition! A sizable proportion of people have Several Affective Disorder(SAD),which causes them to eat more.

Here are some tips you can follow if you are resulting in weight gain in winters:-

1.​Eat protein only:-

Protein makes you feel full, which helps you avoid overindulging in sweet, unhealthy foods, especially during the winter when we tend to feel more peckish. It aids in weight maintenance. Protein helps us fight off the winter cold and cough while also boosting our immune systems.

2.Healthy munching:-

Even if you snack in between meals, make an effort to eat wholesome, low-calorie foods. Indulge in wholesome soups and low-calorie foods. Try to include winter fruits and vegetables in your diet.

3.Practice portion control:-

Portion control is a crucial factor. Never pile up your plate with several foods at once. When attempting to lose weight and keep it off, portion control is crucial. A serving is a precise amount of food, whereas a portion is how much you place on your plate. You may carry measuring cups with you so you can keep track of what you’re consuming better.

4.Move around:-

Move your body frequently for 30 minutes each day. Walking around or standing still can keep you moving, even in tight areas. Instead of sitting down while you take a call, get up and move around your house.

If you feel that you are experiencing winter weight gain try out these simple tips.

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