These symptoms mark Covid XBB 1.16 infection

These symptoms mark Covid XBB 1.16 infection
These symptoms mark Covid XBB 1.16 infection

Few months ago we were just concerned about the variants of Covid causing coronavirus. Last few days a new virus has come to the force and has posed a greater threat to human health. We are discussing H3N2 seasonal influenza. A virus and the recent XBB1.16 variant of COVID. Both of these viruses are dominant currently.

1.Are they similar?

No. Though their course of action may seem similar to us due to the similar symptoms seen in people who get infected, these are different viruses and hence need to be dealt with differently.H3N2 is a common virus which causes seasonal influenza. It is not a new virus though it has mutated into several strains. It is a subtype of influenza A virus. XBB is a recombinant strain of COVID causing coronavirus. XBB is a recombinant of BA.2.10.1 and BA.2.75 subline ages, both sub variants of Omicron variant of the coronavirus. From 2019 till now, the novel coronavirus has mutated into several strains, the dominant one among which is the Omicron. XBB 1.16 is a variant of the XBB variant.

2.​How is COVID XBB  infection different from H3N2 infection?​

While on seeing the symptoms one can not differentiate between the infections clearly, a medical test can help you to distinguish between the two. Symptoms like wheezing, cough, high fever and clinical signs of pneumonia are the typical characteristics of H3N2 infection. Classic COVID symptoms are headache, body ache, fatigue, sore throat and runny or congested nose.
3.What should people be aware of?​

Since both the viruses are massively spreading in the country and it is difficult to tell them apart, it is important to get tested whenever the signs are seen.Apart from medical tests, one should also follow the hygiene guidelines to cut down the spread of the viruses. Both these viruses spread from an infected person to a healthy person through direct exposure, through physical contact, through contact with air droplets released from nose and mouth. Remaining isolated until the symptoms go away completely is the key to cut the transmission chain of these viruses.

4.​How to prevent these infections?​

Wearing masks at public places can reduce the transmission of the viruses from an infected person to a healthy person. Apart from this keeping the hands clean and sanitize before touching the face is the key to keep the body safe from the virus. One should also avoid touching exposed surfaces at public places and places at home which are frequented often should be cleaned at regular intervals. If you have kids or elderly people in our house, make sure to keep the indoor air properly circulated.

5.Underlying health conditions worsen​
Though H3N2 appears to be mild in nature, which health experts also agree to, it can have a damaging effect on the body especially in cases of comorbidities doctors have warned.
Underlying medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension and lung cancer can worsen due to these infections as these viruses affect the respiratory tract mostly.

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