Kejriwal’s ‘Rs 1000 to every adult woman’ promise draws flak

AAP supremo and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made a promise to the voters of Punjab ahead of the Assembly elections in the State. He said that if AAP forms the government in Punjab, the government will give every adult woman Rs 1000 per month. He also called it the world’s biggest women empowerment program.

Kejriwal has drawn flak for making a populist promise Many have said that Rs 1000 per month is too meagre to be called an empowerment scheme. 

Then there are those who are saying that the economy of Punjab is too weak to accommodate such a scheme. “The adult women population of Punjab is 11 million. The cost of Kejriwal’s promise is Rs 13,200 crores per year. The GST revenues of Punjab stands at Rs 11,800 crores per year. The total outstanding debt of Punjab today is Rs 2,82,000 crores,” tweeted commentator and scientist Anand Ranganathan.