Meter Movie Review – Audience Taken for Granted!

Meter Movie Review - Audience Taken for Granted!
Meter Movie Review - Audience Taken for Granted!

Meter Cast: Kiran Abbaravam, Athulya, Sapthagiri, Posani Krishna Murali, Danush Pavan

Meter Crew:
Cinematography by Venkat C. Dileep
Edited by Karthik Sreenivas R
Music by Sai Karthik
Written & Directed by Ramesh Kaduri
Produced by Hemalatha, Chiranjeevi

Meter Rating: 2/5

Meter starring Kiran Abbavaram and Athulya in main leads released on 7th April, 2023. Kiran Abbavaram after films like Sammathame, Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavadini, Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha came with this film. Meter is his complete commercial film in a cop role. Tamil actor Dhanush Pavan has played a key role in the movie. Ramesh Kaduri wrote and directed this Meter film. Let’s discuss about the movie…

Meter Plot:
Arjun Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram)’s father is a very dedicated police officer. He likes to work by rules and follow principles. Due to that he gets transferred from one place to another. He wants Arjun Kalyan to become a Police like him and stand for principles. Arjun Kalyan doesn’t want to be like his father. Hence, he thinks it is better to not become a police. As his father puts pressure on him, Arjun Kalyan tries to skip selection. One day, he meets a girl (Athulya) and thinking about her completes selection rounds. He gets a posting as Sub Inspector in Hyderabad. Will he do his job, sincerely? What are the challenges he need to overcome? Watch Meter to know more…

Meter Movie Review - Audience Taken for Granted!
Meter Movie Review – Audience Taken for Granted!

Meter Analysis:
Meter Cinema deals with a story that is completely predictable. Makers did not even try to change it. There is nothing new and even the scenes can be predicted by every viewer. Meter tries to fit heavily into commercial Meter while not getting the basics right. Writing in this movie is so amateurish that it feels like we are watching some age old DVD with new faces on screen.

Kiran Abbavaram is good in the space he got. He danced well and emoted well. But none of the scenes work in right Meter. Also, movie feels like a big bore with everything you have already seen appearing on screen again and again. Athulya doesn’t impress much. Meter could have been a better film with an experienced director but debut director did not get the Meter, right!

Meter Positives:
Kiran Abbavaram performance
One Song

Meter Negatives:
Predictable plot
Lethargic Screenplay
Problematic Characters
Very old scenes

Meter Bottom-line: An Infinity mix of all Commercial films.

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