Critics laud ‘Thalaivii’ team

Critics laud Kangan Ranaut Thalaivii team in their reviews
Critics laud Kangan Ranaut Thalaivii team in their reviews

The producers of Thalaivii has held a special screening in Chennai for critics. All the critics have one word about Former TN CM Jayalalithaa’s biopic is ‘Phenomenal’.  The lead actors Kangana Ranaut and Arvind Swami have been receiving great appreciation from the critics for their magnificent performance as ‘Jayalalithaa’ and ‘MGR’.

The Lady Superstar Kangana Ranaut has outdone herself as ‘Thalaivii’. Arvind Swami is brilliant as MGR and his mentor. The writing of K Vijayendra Prasad is as usual superb. The director Vijay has put his heart into the film and made ‘Thalaivii’ one of the finest biopics ever made in the history of Indian cinema.
Many critics felt speechless after watching ‘Thalaivii’. Some critics have been assuring that this biopic will run at least for 45 days in theatres. Some critics like Prashant have been suggesting the theatre owners to screen ‘Thalaivii’ if they want money. It was known that multiplexes in TN and across North India were not screening ‘Thalaivii’ despite the team braving the Covid situations in the country.

Thalaivii will release across the nation on 10th September, the eve of Vinayaka Chavithi. Critics have given big thumbs up to ‘Thalaivi’ and suggest everyone to watch the film. It is probably for the first time that critics have been suggesting people watch a movie.