These tips will reduce non-communicable diseases

These tips will reduce non-communicable diseases
These tips will reduce non-communicable diseases

Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases, and, cardiovascular diseases  killed over 60 million people in 2019, estimates WHO. At present, more than 50% of people are unaware of their diabetic status which leads to health complications and at increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Look around and you will notice how common NCDs are among your friends, family members and colleagues.

De-risking the ‘health of the nation’

While the genetic factors are beyond our control, our lifestyle choices are in our hands. Taking preventive measures in advance will reduce the probability of developing the disease. Three things that we can collectively do to reduce the risk of NCDs:

1.Start young:-

We live in an era of increased accessibility, thanks to advances in technology. Personalised preventive health programs that bring together the power of AI and superior diagnostic capabilities help individuals stay ahead of potential health risks from NCDs. Undergoing preventive health-checks should be priority. Make this a yearly practice. If you have family members with Diabetes, then prioritise regular checks even more!

2.Balance your diet:-

Consume everything that you like, in moderation. Food habits and lifestyle are core to preventing NCDs and therefore it is important to take note of the nutritional value of what we intake. Do not fall into the traps of fad diets.

3.Axe the anxiety:-

Engage in physical activity, pick up a path to wellness, and manage that stress and mind health. Listen to your body! Be observant towards your health alerts.

Preventive healthcare is the need of the hour and not just important for individuals, but for society as a whole. By collectively trying to reduce the burden of NCDs, we can improve productivity and create a healthier and happier.

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