2.Dates nutrition:-

Dates can be consumed in summer in moderation as dates are known to have heat-producing properties. But, apart from heat, they have many health benefits so why should one skip that in summers? Dates can help keep your bones healthy, treat intestinal issues and is super-good for anaemic patients. If they are paired with well balanced summer foods like summery fruits and vegetables, their heating effect is negotiable.”

Dates are good for health and highly nutritious
Dates are good for health and highly nutritious
3.Tips for consuming dates in summers:-

You can try soaking them in water for a few hours before consuming them, as this can help to reduce their warming effect. It is important to stay hydrated during the summer months, so make sure to drink plenty of water alongside your dates. Eating 2-3 dates daily can provide strength and energy without causing any adverse effects. Soaking dates in water before consumption can remove their hot property, making them more suitable for consumption in hot weather. On being asked about the best time to consume dates.

The best time to consume dates is either on an empty stomach or as a midday snack. Eating them on an empty stomach can aid in digestion and provide a quick energy boost while consuming them as a snack can provide sustained energy throughout the day. One should combine dates with black raisins to create a cooling effect on the body, as raisins can balance the warming nature of dates.

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