Starting to workout? Then learn to be patient!

Workout everyday and gradually you can see changes
Workout everyday and gradually you can see changes

If you are beginning to commit to a new workout regime, there are chances you will be eager to know when you will get the results – whether it is in terms of weight loss or building muscle or strength. Positive results keep us motivated and encourage us to keep grinding. Some results are hard to fathom, such as improvement in mental health, lifestyle etc.

It is also important to note that ‘when’ you get your results from working out depends on multiple factors like your overall lifestyle choices, body type, workout type etc.

1.​For running:-
Those committing to a regular running programme are likely to notice improvements to their cardiovascular capacity within a few weeks.

Strength training programmes require at least six weeks of consistent effort for the results to show.

2.Consistency is the real key:-
Despite the individual factors that can make results vary from person to person, consistency is a factor of universal importance. Experts recommend doing at least between three to five quality workouts in a week.

3.​Do not forget the role of diet:-

Invest in a combination of nutrition and consistent training. Nutritional needs will vary from person to person. Ensure you meet your daily protein requirements for muscle repair after intense workouts. Eat a balanced diet, including good carbs and healthy fats, along with protein and fiber.

Ensure drinking plenty of water throughout the day to speed up your fitness journey.

4.Other important factors for best results:-

Lifestyle choices like getting enough good quality sleep, and not sitting for most of the day are also important for getting the results from your workouts.

Starting Workouts_ Then learn to be patient
Starting Workouts_ Then learn to be patient

Instead of punishing your body for a week or month full of sudden, painful workouts, try focusing on one day at a time for an entire lifetime of good health and fitness. Approach working out as an act of self-care and not as a punishment. In case you are working out consistently and still not getting results, try changing your workout style, duration, intensity etc., and you may get better results soon.

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