Hyderabad experiences sudden heavy downpour

It is almost impossible to expect rains in the month of May in South India but on 4th May, early in the morning, Hyderabad experienced huge downpour.

Hyderabad Rains
Hyderabad Rains

Hyderabad climate used to be one of the most predictable climates over the years. The city used to experience mild hot temperatures and balanced cold temperatures according to the seasonal changes. But the global climate change has affected the city weather as well.

It has become almost unpredictable as we never know when mercury levels rise to the maximum and when there will be a huge downpour flooding the roads. On 4th of May, early in the morning, Hyderabad city experienced a heavy downpour and you can see people travelling in boats from one place to another.

Flooding has become common these days with any amount of rain and you can see water logging in the city in many areas. Seethafalamandi area received huge 72.8 mm rainfall and Bansilalpet received 67 mm and West Maredpally received 61.8 mm rainfall.

Indian Meteorological Department has released a bulletin saying that Telangana state could experience more thunderstorms in the coming few days. Hyderabad Electricity Board asked people to stay alert and not touch any electric wires hanging from the poles as they are working on draining out the roads and re-establishing power connection wherever it is lost.