These Nutrients will help you fight Acne!

These Nutrients will help you fight Acne!
These Nutrients will help you fight Acne!

Diet is one factor that might impact the skin. You can boost your blood sugar more quickly with some foods than others. Few nutrients can help you fight acne on your face. The body releases insulin-like growth factor, a hormone that controls the effects of growth, when blood sugar levels rise quickly.

Your oil glands may create more sebum if there is an excess of which in your blood, which raises your risk of acne and inflammation. On the other hand, certain foods may help reduce acne.

Acne almost seems like a rite of passage for everyone, especially in their teenage years. But oftentimes, acne presents itself as a major issue even in adults and one way to combat that is to provide our skin with the right balance of nutrients to stay healthy, glowing and acne-free.

Top 4 nutrients that help to fight acne:

  1. Vitamin A in the form of Beta-carotene and Retin A are especially beneficial for clear, glowing skin and combating acne occurring at puberty.
  2. Zinc is an immune booster and suppresses bacterial activity that causes acne.
  3. A high-potency B-complex is of paramount importance in controlling facial oiliness.
  4. Vitamin C prevents the spread of acne and should be taken in doses of 1000-2000 mg.

In addition to specific nutrient addition, reducing sugar intake has also been shown to play an important role in skin health. Cutting back consumption of processed foods and focusing on gut health will increase nutrient absorption and improve overall skin health.

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