Is hair treatment important before your wedding?

Is hair treatment important before your wedding?
Is hair treatment important before your wedding?

Since the wedding season has started we all want to look good on the D-Day. Weddings are big and special occasion and each one of us has our own plans to get everything perfect. From getting makeup artist to best bridal lehenga, and mostly the pre-bridal sessions are over whelming too. There are endless questions I our mind when it comes to beauty sessions, especially hair treatments if you go or no. Read more about to know do you really need hair treatments and are those really essential or not.

Hair can be quite sensitive to experiment right before your wedding day. While we wish to look our best it is also necessary to stick to a routine which suits your hair type. Many of us love hair treatments like keratin, hair colour to look soft and shiny.

You can surely go for keratin and smoothening at least before 2 months. So here are list of things you need to avoid right before your wedding

1.Keratin Treatment:-

A smooth keratin finish looks appealing and each one of us loves that look. If you are looking to go for keratin treatments, then go for at least 2 months before your wedding to avoid any sort of problem. Also, it is best to avoid those telltale roots along your hairline as it grows out. Moreover, different hairstyles are done best on normal textured hair.

2.Avoid Experimental Hair Colours:-

Hair colours tend to change the hair texture as well which can be quite experimental right before your wedding and a new colorist just adds to the stress as they might have a new way of mixing formulations.

3.Don’t Get Extensions:-

Clip-ins are fine but experimenting with extensions could be quite troublesome as they might not look the same as your Favourite hairdo picture. Clip extensions are super easy and hassle free. They are easy to put on and remove as well.

4.Don’t Wash Your Hair On The Same Day:-

For the perfect hair, style  it is best to avoid washing your hair on the same day. It can smoothen your hair too much which might make it difficult to hold the updo. Hence, it is best to avoid doing the same as hairdos are done best with one normal texture.

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