How mindful eating can avoid weight gain during winter

How mindful eating can avoid weight gain during winter
How mindful eating can avoid weight gain during winter

Being conscious while eating beverages and foods you consume while eating is known as mindful eating. To practice mindful eating, you must learn to examine your feelings, thoughts and physiological sensations without judging them.

Many of us frequently hurry through meals due to our hectic daily schedules. We frequently eat while going to work, sitting at a desk close to a computer or sitting in front of television. We consume food blindly, irrespective if we are really hungry or not. There are no guidelines for the number of calories you can consume or which items you must include or exclude from your diet. Instead of that focus on all of your senses and be in the moment while you shop for, prepare ,serve, consume your cuisine. By paying attention to your food intake, you can improve your digestion, eat less and feel fuller for longer period of time.

Use mindful eating to avoid winter weight gain, here’s how:

1.Eat when needed:-

Majority of us believe that dieting can help people lose weight. Meals should not be skipped. Most people have the habit of skipping breakfast because they are pressed for time, but they are unaware that doing so causes acidity, stomach reflux, and the storage of additional fat in the cells that results in obesity.

2.Eat to curb hunger:-

Keeping your eating under control is crucial. Some individuals binge eat when they are upset, and some have a tendency to overeat at night. Recognize your non-hunger eating triggers and attempt some strategies to avoid them.

3.Eat systematically:-

Observe the normal hours every day. Regular eating helps you maintain a healthy weight. Maintain a two-hour gap between meals to give your stomach adequate time to digest the food you just ate. In order to eat less, also helps to prevent the intense feeling of hunger.

4.Chew slowly:-

Chewing is the method of separating the food into smaller, more easily digested pieces from larger ones. Additionally, it facilitates your body’s ability to absorb enough energy and nutrition from food. Eat a few nibbles and chew them until they dissolve.

Keep these points in mind to efficiently use mindful eating this winter and to avoid weight gain and overeating

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