Do you know about Spiced Ghee? Here’s what you should know

Do you know about Spiced Ghee? Here's what you should know
Do you know about Spiced Ghee? Here's what you should know

The benefits of our beloved ghee are not unknown to us. Just a small drop  of ghee can instantly improve the taste of dal, curries and rotis. Rightly dubbed as ‘liquid gold’, ghee is a powerhouse of nutrients that benefit our bodies in a plethora of ways. You might have heard of different ghee varieties like Desi Ghee, A2 Ghee, Organic Ghee and more, but have you ever heard of Spiced Ghee?

1.How to make Spiced Ghee:-

Ingredients required-

  1. 2 teaspoons of ghee,
  2. 1 pinch black pepper,
  3. 2-3 strands kesar,
  4. ½ teaspoon fennel seeds or saunf,
  5. 1 green cardamom or elaichi (crushed)
  6. ½ teaspoon turmeric.


  1. In a bowl, add black pepper powder, kesar, fennel seeds, cardamom powder and tumeric.
  2. Add ghee and give a good mix.
  3. Your Spiced Ghee is now ready to be used.
  4. You can increase the quantity of ingredients as per the proportions mentioned above and make Spiced Ghee in a large quantity.
  5. Use it to smear the rotis, add it to dals and you can even consume it with warm milk.

Benefits of adding spiced ghee in diet:-

1.​Immunity booster:-

Being a rich source of Vitamins A, D, E and K, spiced ghee does an excellent job of immunity boosting. The goodness of various spices like pepper and turmeric present in the ghee not only provides warmth to the body but also increases the body’s capacity to fight off infections.

2.​Improved digestion:-
Ghee has uncountable benefits for those dealing with stomach troubles. If you suffer from acidity, acid reflux, indigestion, ulcers or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), then spiced ghee can help you. The combination of cardamom and fennel seeds with ghee heals the lining of the stomach and gives a boost to the digestion process.

3.Joint health:-

Ghee provides lubrication to the joints and reduces the pain that you experience especially during winters. It reduces inner inflammation and tones down pain and stiffness caused due to arthritis.

4.Source of good cholesterol:-

Spiced ghee is a wonderful source of good cholesterol. So if your HDL (high-density lipoprotein) levels are low, you must include spiced ghee in your diet. Optimum levels of good cholesterol in your body can reduce your risk of heart diseases and even heart attack.

5.Hair health:-

It provides inner hydration to your hair by including spiced ghee in your diet. What you eat has more impact on your scalp health than what you apply topically. Improving diet can provide deep nourishment and have a positive effect on hair health.

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