YS Avinash Reddy has gone to Telangana High Court for anticipatory bail against his arrest. CBI has been intending to arrest him in MP Vivekananda Reddy Murder Case. They have arrested Avinash Reddy’s father Bhaskar Reddy as an accused. CBI is filing charge sheet according to the evidences they have gathered. They have been asking High Court to let them arrest Avinash Reddy, as they suspect evidence tampering.

Sunitha, daughter of Vivekananda Reddy, challenged this petition in Supreme Court. Until High Court gives their verdict, Supreme Court clearly stated that they cannot involve in the case. They have asked High Court to complete arguments by 25th May. Avinash Reddy also asked Supreme Court to intervene and ask High Court to finish the case hearings fast. In the interim, Avinash Reddy’s mother had to be admitted to hospital due to severe chest pain.

CBI opposed Avinash Reddy bail petition but High Court decided against their arguments
CBI opposed Avinash Reddy bail petition but High Court decided against their arguments

Even Avinash Reddy had to be admitted in the hospital. High Court heard the concluding arguments on 27th May. They reserved the judgement for 31st May. Now, they have issued anticipatory bail to Avinash Reddy with some conditions. They have asked him to not leave the country without notifying to CBI. High Court asked CBI to call Avinash Reddy for inquiry on Saturdays’ only.

Also, they have strictly warned Avinash Reddy and his people against tampering evidences. High Court has asked CBI to immediately take him into custody, if he fails to adhere to bail conditions. Also, in case of CBI arrest, High Court has asked them to issue bail on the personal assurance of Rs.5 lakhs. Finally, the high drama surrounding Avinash Reddy arrest and bail has come to a conclusion. Now, may be CBI will go to Supreme Court against these High Court orders.

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