Bride dies on the wedding day shocking everyone!

In Vizag, Srujana died on her wedding day shocking everyone who attended the event. The reason for her death unknown.

Bride dies at the marriage hall
Bride dies at the marriage hall

You can never imagine what will happen the next minute and this is one such incident. We have been hearing about parents of brides and grooms working non-stop before marriage and then on the D-day, they do tend to suffer some kind of ailment or health issues.

Brides and grooms are not allowed to eat much throughout the event and they do tend to show signs of ill-health due to nervousness or over excitement, anxiety. When you don’t give heed to your health, certain mishaps are bound to happen and Srujana’s family got a rude shock in this regard.

Srujana, a young girl from Vizag, Andhra Pradesh got ready for marriage and for two days, she seemed very weak to her relatives, parents. But no one tried to take her to doctor or try to know the problem. Result is that she collapsed while performing rituals on the wedding day in the hall.

Groom’s parents did not understand what happened and bride’s parents rushed her to the hospital. Doctors declared that she died on the spot. The reason behind her sudden cardiac arrest is yet to be known. Marriage needs to be a happy memory but not a stress inducing event, whatever might be the reason for Srujana’s death, people should realize that anxiety, burning out and lack of proper diet are serious health conditions and one should not ignore them.