This young Telugu hero wants to do a Rs 100-Cr movie

siddhu jonnalagadda

There was a time when Bollywood heroes would dream of being part of a billion-rupee movie. Then the number went to Rs 200 Cr and beyond. Rs 100 Cr is now the dream of Telugu heroes. Siddhu Jonnalagadda has a dream to be part of a one-billion-rupee movie. 

Speaking to ‘The Hindu’, the ‘Krishna And His Leela’ actor said that he wants to be a next generation actor who can have a wide reach. “I want to be a star of a Rs 100-crore film in the next five years. No, let’s make that three years,” he said.

The actor’s next is ‘DJ Tillu’, which will hit the cinemas on February 12. Directed by Vimal Krishna, it has Neha Shetty as the heroine. Its trailer has been a massive hit.
Produced by S Naga Vamsi, the comedy thriller has BGM by S Thaman.