You should avoid these things in Microwave

You should avoid these things in Microwave
You should avoid these things in Microwave

Are you someone who swears by a microwave for every big or small thing? Then you need to stop and read this! There’s no denying that the microwave is a lazy man’s best friend as it makes life super simple. The smart appliance not only heats food, but also makes cooking and baking super easy. But wait did you know there are few things that you should avoid putting inside a microwave to prevent electrical hazards. Well, here are 5 things that can instantly ruin this appliance causing shocks and electrical hazards.


If you think about putting hard boiled eggs or raw eggs kept in a refrigerator inside a microwave oven, then you need to stop now! This is because putting eggs with their shells can instantly explode and create a huge mess and may also damage the appliance in some cases. Thus, it is advisable to reheat cooked eggs and that too without their hardshells.
2.Tomato Sauce​:-
Heating tomato sauce in a microwave oven may often result in explosions and electrical hazards or spillage, this is because of the fact that the temperature needed to heat tomato sauce is usually high and steam that builds up may be too high and may explode or splutter inside the devi

Many people find it convenient to heat water in the microwave as it heats it faster than a kettle or gas stove. But this may sometimes lead to hazards as there is no bubble formation while heating of water, which may increase the risk of spillage and cause dangerous accidents. So, even if you want to heat water fast make sure you do not heat it for a long time or else it is best to avoid heating water in this appliance.

4.​Chili Peppers ​:-

Chilies are rich in a compound called Capsaicin, which gives the peppers and chilies a fiery taste. Heating chilies inside a microwave can produce excessive steam and vaporize inside enclosed space and the moment the door of the appliance is opened it can instantly irritate the nose, eyes and respiratory system.
Adding grapes to a dessert and heating them in a microwave can convert the grapes into a molten plasma, this is because of its sugary sweet pulp. Thus, they may explode inside the appliance.

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