You can overcome Weight Loss Plateau. Here’s how!

You can overcome Weight Loss Plateau. Here's how!
You can overcome Weight Loss Plateau. Here's how!

Weight loss is something that can’t be achieved in a day. It is one of the common fitness goals these days and requires the right combination of nutrition and exercise along with consistency. For those whose aim is to trim down their belly fat often run on treadmill for hours or indulge themselves in other physical activities to burn maximum calories. A weight-loss plateau is when your weight stops changing. Being stuck at a weight-loss plateau eventually happens to everyone who tries to lose weight. Even so, most people are surprised when it happens to them because they’re still eating carefully and exercising regularly.

These efforts sometimes yield results and the dedicated ones are able to lose some weight. In weight loss journey, we reach a point where the weight just doesn’t drop any further no matter how hard we try.

Weight loss plateau: 5 causes and their fixes

Hitting the plateau where even consistency with the workouts and diet doesn’t help and we are stuck with the same weight for a long period.

1.Calorie equilibrium:-

According to the nutritionist, you could have hit the weight loss plateau due to calorie equilibrium. It simply means that your calorie intake is equal to the calories you are burning throughout the day. To lose weight, it is advised to eat less calories than you consume.

2.Sleep is essential:-

Sleep plays an important role when it comes to achieving your fitness goal. If you are not having quality sleep due to any reason then it is likely to have an impact on your weight and you might struggle to lose some kilos.

3.Same workouts:-

Following the same workout regime for years can make your body habitual to the exercises. If you have hit a weight loss plateau then you can consider switching to some other form of exercise or change the intensity or duration of your current workout plan.

4.Protective mode:-

The nutritionist says it is also possible that your body might have gone into the protective mode where it retains the fat and losing weight gets difficult.

5.Take it slow:-

Besides the diet, exercise, and rest periods, weight loss requires patience. Hence, you might be losing weight but the progress could be slower than you expected.

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