These Yoga Asanas will help your body during Winter!

These Yoga Asanas will help your body during Winter!
These Yoga Asanas will help your body during Winter!

The body’s aches, pains, and stiffness are more prevalent in the winter for a reason. When it is cool outside and there isn’t as much sunshine accessible, muscles tighten and become stiff. In order to generate heat within the body, muscles start to contract. Shivering is one indication that the body is attempting to generate heat on its own.

Inactivity during the winter months is exacerbated by the lack of sunlight. All of these factors can lead to lowered flexibility. Lack of proper flexibility in the body can make you prone to injuries, reduce your body’s ability to work properly and so on.

Yoga for thousands of years has been proven to provide us with many benefits. One such common benefit of yoga is its ability to increase our flexibility. Read on as we share some yoga poses (and how to perform them step-by-step) that will help increase your flexibility in winter.

Here are yoga poses that will help maintain your flexibility in winter:


  • Sit straight in your legs straight in front of you
  • In this position, your feet’s soles should be facing front
  • Slowly bring your torso closer to your legs and as far as possible
  • You can use your hands to hold your feet, this may increase how far you can reach
  • In this position, your stomach and chest are supposed to be touching your thighs
  • Your face can be facing the front or towards the legs, whichever may be comfortable
  • Hold this position for 10-20 seconds and sit back up
  • You can repeat it a few times based on your convenience


  • Turn out your toes at a right angle as you stand with your right foot back and your left foot forward
  • In order to face forward, align both hips
  • Your hands should be on your hips
  • Your torso should bend forward at the hips as your chin is tucked into your chest
  • Put your hands on the ground or a block if you choose
  • For 30 to 60 seconds, maintain this posture
  • Change your foot placement and work the other side

3.Janu Sirsasana:-

  • Either sit on the floor or on a yoga mat
  • Put your left foot inside your right thigh as you extend your right leg
  • As you exhale, raise your arms in the air
  • On an exhalation, fold forward toward your extended leg by bending at the hips
  • Hold on to your extended leg or foot or place your hands on the ground
  • Hold for a minute or two
  • Change legs and repeat on the other side
Janu Sirsasana
Janu Sirsasana


  • Stand straight
  • Now, slowly bend forward
  • The goal is to place your palms on the floor (folding your body in half)
  • Touching your toes may also be enough if you are unable to bend far enough. As discussed above, this position can be modified. Hence, taking your hands as far toward the floor as they can is adequate and helpful.
  • At this point, your face is supposed to be facing your legs, the top of your head facing the floor
  • Repeat this a few times in small intervals.

You can perform these yoga poses daily or on alternative days to ensure your progress does not get hindered.

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