These tips help you to eat mindfully for weight-loss

These tips help you to eat mindfully for weight-loss
These tips help you to eat mindfully for weight-loss

It is quite hard not take a bite of a scrumptious burger when it is offered to you. In such cases, we need tend to lose our control and wolf down excessive amounts of food. The tempting dishes make us want to eat more and more even when our belly gets full and we don’t require any more food. This is called mindless eating when you are not really paying attention to what you are consuming and just chewing mindfully. Doing this over a long period of time can have adverse impact on your health. It is crucial to begin mindful eating to get healthier.

Here are 5 tips for mindful eating:-

1.Do not hurry:-

You must not hurry while eating your meal and take things slow.This will ensure that you focus on what you are eating rather than just gulping down food.

2.Chew properly:-

Our parents often tell us to focus on chewing and grind the food properly before swallowing it. Chewing properly is another important part of mindful eating and you must start focusing on it.

3.Put down the phone:-

Scrolling social media pages endlessly while eating is the new normal. But, if you want to eat mindfully then switch off your TV and keep your phone down.

4.Eating in silence:-

Rather than talking and having debates at the dinner table, consider eating in a room in silence. You can also choose to sit in the open where there isn’t much noise.

5.Think about how the food makes you feel:-

Every food has a different texture, taste, and consistency. So, when you eat a spoonful of something, try to focus on what feelings that food is evoking.

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