These craziest adventures are must explore in South India!

These craziest adventures are must explore in South India!
These craziest adventures are must explore in South India!

South India, also known s Dakshina Bharat, s that one gorgeous part of India  that you will never be over with.If you have been here already indulged in South India’s most loved things to do,such as a houseboat stay in Alleppey,an Ayurveda retreat in Kumarakom,driving through Ooty’s tea estates,searching for Coorg’s best coffee,it is tiime for adventure.

1.Bamboo rafting in Thekkady:-

While Thekkady is more like a magical place with its lush greenery and deep, dense forests, there is more that awaits. When here, go for some hours of bamboo rafting at the lake here and you will come back refreshed. This is also a very famous site for birdwatching.

2.Bouldering at Hampi:-

Bouldering at Hampi is surprisingly an activity that not many indulge in. The terrain here is so perfect for those into rock climbing and bouldering that the famous documentary, Pilgrimage, was also shot here. When here, do not hold back if you have a love for the sport.

3.Night scouting at Periyar Tiger Reserve:-

Yes, you can go on a jungle patrol (also known as night scouting) at the Periyar Tiger Reserve here. Gear up for a night time hike in the jungle (only buffer zone) with the patrol guards here. A lifetime’s adventure is guaranteed. Also, this is the great love of those into macro-photography as there is no visual treat like a forest at night.

4.River rafting at Dandeli River:-

Rafting in the wild waters of Karnataka’s Dandeli River is one of the most thrilling experiences in South India. Enthusiasts can enjoy a number of rapids here, and the water is nothing less than inviting. Don’t forget to carry your action camera for this ride!

5.Get close to baby elephants at Gavi:-

Gavi is one of the most offbeat places in Kerala and this experience is nothing less than offbeat. This Kerala village is home to an elephant training centre, where orphaned or abandoned baby elephants are taken care of. Visitors can also partake in a number of elephant-care activities here.

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