Start your New Year with these diet tips

Start your New Year with these diet tips
Start your New Year with these diet tips

It is the time to bid farewell to the year 2022 and welcome the all-new year 2023.Every new year brings along resolutions and promises. One promise that almost all of us have done to ourselves is to lose weight, eat healthier, give up junk food and many more on these lines. Shifting from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one is a slow process and it takes time and efforts. No crash diet or fitness can bring about a change overnight. It is wise to set realistic goals for yourself, as they are much easier and more practical to achieve. Here are some diet tips that you must inculcate in your daily life to bring a positive change in your lifestyle.

1.More seasonal produce:-

All diet and health experts will recommend you to eat as much seasonal produce as you can. Try to eat local produce instead of opting for exotic and fancy fruits and vegetables. The winter season has a variety of options to offer. A number of green and leafy vegetables like spinach, methi, bathua, broccoli, cabbage and more can be a part of your daily diet.

2.​Eat fresh:-

Instead of opting for processed food, try to use as many fresh ingredients as you can to make your meal. Avoid consuming stale food on a regular basis and cook fresh food for every meal. There is nothing like homemade food, so make it a point to eat more homecooked food and order less from outside.

3.Chew more:-

Chewing food properly is an essential habit that most of us neglect. Chewing food properly will not only reduce the burden on the stomach but will also ensure that your body gets the maximum amount of nutrients out of the food. Gulping down food without proper chewing can cause weight gain and a number of stomach troubles.

4.Stop eating when 80% full:-

This diet tip is a golden rule to stay healthy and fit. Not many people are aware of the importance of not eating till you are fully stuffed. Eating only till approximately 80% of your hunger is fulfilled can have a major posting effect on your health. It will keep you agile, drive away laziness, make the digestion process smoother and help in maintaining weight.

5.​Variety of grains:-

If you consume wheat chapatis on a daily basis, try to inculcate different types of grains in your diet. From jowar and bajra to ragi and amarnath, there is a large variety of flours to choose from. This practice will not only add variety to your monotonous diet but will also provide your body with essential nutrients that different flours contain.


Keeping yourself hydrated is another important diet tip that one needs to be mindful of. But hydration doesn’t mean only water. While it is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day, you can also include different types of fluids in your daily diet like fresh fruit juices, vegetable juice, coconut water, lemonade etc.

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