Should you drink overnight kept water?

Should you drink overnight kept water?
Should you drink overnight kept water?

According to Ayurveda, water is a lifeline and it is essential for every living being. It not only keeps us hydrated, but also removes toxins form the body and helps in smooth functioning of all other organs. Do you know that drinking water in the wrong way can cause more harm than benefits? Let us tell you the right way to drink water.

1.Is water sitting overnight safe?​

Many of us have a habit of refilling the bottles at night and then drink that water the next morning and the weirdest part about this sitting water is that it tastes different as compared to fresh tap or filter water. The change in taste is because of carbon dioxide. As per studies, water kept uncovered for 12 hours or more leads to molecular changes in water. It has been found that carbon dioxide in the air starts mixing with it, which reduces the pH level and results in an off-taste. While nothing has been proven till now whether this water is safe or not, experts suggest that one should avoid drinking such water. Experts also stress that one should avoid uncovered water as it might contain dirt and debris.

2.​How is it harmful?​

Drinking uncovered water is not safe because, when we take a sip the bacteria sitting on the rim of the bottle or glass enters the system and may cause harm in the long run. The risk of getting sick is higher when you share your bottle of water with someone suffering from a communicable disease.

3.What’s the right way to drink water​:-

It is advisable to always drink a fresh glass of water from the tap or filter. In case you have a habit of drinking water at midnight or during sleep, keep a glass with a lid along with your bottle of water (preferably a glass or copper bottle). Also, it is suggested to avoid drinking water from the same bottle the very next morning. Always wash the bottle or change the bottle every morning and drink.

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