Basil or Tulsi leaves are good for Skincare Routine!

Basil or Tulsi leaves are good for Skincare Routine!
Basil or Tulsi leaves are good for Skincare Routine!

Basil, also known as tulsi has been an important part of the Indian culture and has also been considered as a beauty ingredient. It is not just a wonderful herb, basil can do all the magic for your skin as well. Basil is an ingredient that you might want to add to your routine. It is loaded with some powerful skin-cleansing properties. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or acne-prone skin adding basil leaves into your skincare routine can be great. Here are some of the benefits for basil leaves for skin.

Here Are Some Skincare Benefits Of Basil Leaves:-

1.Cleanses The Skin:-

The natural properties of basil leaves help to unclog the pores by removing extra sebum or dirt. It works like a natural cleanser for your skin. Basil leaves are perfect for those who have oily skin as they are a great way to remove impurities from the skin and make it clean. You can incorporate them in your routine by making a face mask at home. It is super simple and easy. Wash the leaves and blend them properly. Then add fresh white yogurt into it and your mask is ready!

2.Treats Acne:-

For many people, tulsi helps in getting rid of acne too. Loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, basil can help prevent acne. It removes unwanted oil and works as a natural cleanser. Basil leaves also prevent the swelling that may occur because of acne.

3.Helps In Achieving Bright Skin:-

Do you know basil leaves can boost your complexion, giving you a brighter and clearer skin. Basil protects your skin from pollution, UV rays and even other skin infections. It also has  detoxifying properties that helps you in achieving a brighter skin texture.

4.Prevents Blackheads:-

Many people face skin issues because of blackheads. These are basically small bumps that appear on your skin filled with dead skin or excess oil. You must try your level best to remove these blackheads to get clean and clear skin. Basil helps combat bacteria and inflammation. It carries Camphene, which works like a toner. Not just blackheads, basil also removes whiteheads. For the DIY face pack, take 25 to 30 basil leaves, and an equal amount of neem leaves. Grind them together to make a paste and add a tablespoon of honey to it. This will control the excess oil on your skin.

5.Moisturises Your Skin:-

Basil leaves work as a natural  moisturizer. Basil carries some essential oil that provides nourishment to your skin. This is really good for all those who have dry or dehydrated skin. Using masks made with natural basil leaves will keep your skin healthy and prevent dryness.

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