Telangana Girls give inspiration in CRY meet!

Telangana Girls give inspiration in CRY meet!
Telangana Girls give inspiration in CRY meet!

Ahead of National Girl Child Day, Child Rights and You (CRY) organised a press conference where girls from underprivileged communities came together on one platform to share their stories of grit, resilience, and success. CRY wanted them to inspire their peers to break away from the shackles of gender inequality and achieve their dreams. From dropping out of school, to being pushed into child marriage, all girls had one thing in common – they were victims of different societal issues. CRY brought them together and helped them!

They fought for their dreams and emerged victorious. 19 year-old,P. Sony has always been a merit ranker in school has a younger sister and an elder brother, and both are parents are daily wage labourers. Post COVID, she dropped out and worked to support her family. She was away from school and education for 2 years, but she always wished to study.Today, with CRY’s support, Sony is re-enrolled in a residential TS Model School into Maths Economics Commerce stream.

“My dream is to be an IPS Officer. I want to ensure no girl ever quits her dreams because of the lack of opportunities or funds. It is extremely important that we girls study. It is only through education that our struggles would end,” said P. Sony.

22 year-old Razia Begum passed her 10th exams with flying colours but she was unable to further continue her education due to poverty. Also, due to financial difficulties, her mother arranged Razia’s marriage and she became a child bride. However, her husband turned out to be an alcoholic and she had been a victim of domestic violence and abuse.

With the help of CRY project partner, Shramika Vikasa Kendram operating in Nagarkurnool district, Razia is restarting a new life by filing for a divorce and learning new skills like sewing to support her family.

“I wanted to study but couldn’t because of lack of financial resources to support my education. Today, after coming out of an abusive child marriage, I understand the dire need of girls’ education and its importance in our empowerment and I would want to convey this message to my peers,” said Razia.

The media conference organised on 20th January in Hyderabad by CRY fellow, Hima Bindu and Y Laxmana Rao, Project Director of CRY partner, Shramika Vikasa Kendram , Nagarkurnool district was aimed at providing a platform ‘for girls by girls’ to reinstate hope and positivity among girls from underprivileged communities.

“These young girls have this indisputable grit to move mountains. Their struggles never shook them down, and they inspire me so much. I often wonder – if these young girls are able to stand tall today despite so many odds – at and outside the home, just imagine what they can do with a little bit of handholding and hence no child must be deprived of the bare minimum when they deserve the absolute best,” added CRY fellow, Hima Bindu.

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