Hyderabad: Bank Employee absconds with 23 lakhs!

In Hyderabad Vanasthalipuram, Bank employee absconded with 23 Lakhs cash and he is not even in touch with his family members.

Bank Employee absconds with cash
Bank Employee absconds with cash

If you remember the movie, Mister Pellam, you might also remember why the protagonist is cornered to stay at home. He becomes cashier and then on the first day of his promotion, he is asked to handover Rs. 5 Lakhs to a Bank Manager’s appointed actor and then he looses his job. His wife fights for him and he too brings out the truth. After that film, many used the plot point to show how good people are cornered by bad people in banks.

In the film Sarkaaru Vaari Paata, releasing on 12th May, Mahesh Babu is playing a bank employee, who will go to any height to recover the money loaned by his bank. Well, Bank of Baroda might need a person like him to be appointed to recover not one or two or five like in Mister Pellam, but 23 lakhs.

Pravin, a cashier in Bank of Baroda, Vanasthalipuram branch, Hyderabad absconded with 23 Lakhs cash from the bank and officials could only know next day when he did not turn up to the office. The branch manager has filed a police complaint.

Pravin is not even in touch with his family members since last night when he has decided to abscond with the money. Police investigation is going on and branch has reported the incident to RBI for reimbursement of the money, in case, Police won’t catch the thief in 24-48 hours.