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High Court orders not to obstruct lawyers

The Telangana High Court has ordered not to obstruct the lawyers during the lockdown. The court ordered that lawyers, clerks, and stenos be allowed. ...

The Telangana High Court sent the MP Raghuramaraju report to the SC in a sealed cover

Narsapuram MP Raghuramakrishnaraju underwent a second day of medical examination at the Army Hospital, Tirumalagiri in Secunderabad. The Army doctors treated him in a...

SC orders to shift MP Raghuramakrishnam Raju to Secunderabad Army hospital

The Supreme Court has given key orders in the case of MP Raghuram Krishnam Raju. The Supreme Court directed to set up a board...

High Court orders Telangana Police not to stop the ambulances

The state high court granted a stay on the circular issued by the Telangana government. HC ordered to issue a new circular by making...

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