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In Sangla Valley, Holi is played with Snow!

Sangla Valley is a scenic valley located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. The valley is situated at an altitude of around 2,700...

You can take good care of your hair during Holi, this way!

Holi is a festival celebrated in India. It typically falls in March or April and is a celebration of the beginning of spring, the...

The sweets and snacks you can eat on Holi!

India celebrated numerous festivals with gusto and excitement. The year's Favourite have already begun with Makar Sankranti and now continues with Holi. Holi is...

These tips will help you in skin care pre-Holi!

For all those who love to play with colours on Holi, here are some pre-holi  skin care tips that will protect your skin from...

Places you can visit around Bengaluru for Holi weekend

It is spring again and time for Holi, one of the biggest Indian festivals. If you are in Bengaluru and are looking for an...

For celebrating Holi you can visit these places!

Holi in India is quite a cheerful occasion which is eagerly awaited by many. The festival paints the cities, towns and locals with colours...

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