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These Yoga poses are effective in controlling you neck issues

People are experiencing an alarming increase in illnesses of the neck and spine. The muscles in our bodies naturally deteriorate as we age. We...

If you need to reduce Cholesterol make these changes!

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in the blood. The build-up of cholesterol level, beyond normal level, can pose serious risks to health, leading...

Even Women have to go through Baldness!

Losing your hair might cause you to lose confidence and cause emotional stress. There are several reasons why you can be dealing with a...

Detox your lungs and save yourself from Air Pollution!

Infections, lung cancer, and chronic lungs conditions like asthma can all be caused by or made worse by poor air quality. The danger is...

Do you know that too much of exercise can reduce your lifespan?

We see many people working out at parks and gyms we find them working hard to maintain their bodies. They push their bodies with...

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