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The visitors are cautioned to read all the terms and conditions under which they can access the Portal. Only visitors agreeing for these terms may access the site for accessing content or for availing any of the free or paid services offered by the site and/or its partners/ affiliates/ advertisers/ franchisees/ agents/ agencies etc. By using, accessing, viewing, subscribing to services offered by including webpage and feature, information, data contained therein you agree to be bound by and abide by the terms and conditions under which these services are offered. You should not use any services in case any of the terms and conditions are not acceptable to you.
This is a legal agreement (“Agreement”) between the visitor/Subscriber and Rachana Television Private Limited, hereinafter referred to as RTPL, the owner and operator of the website:, and/or such other web site that may be periodically linked either to this web address or to the home page of NTVTelugu portal, hereinafter referred jointly and severally as the site.
Access to the site cannot be had unless and until these terms and conditions are read and consented to.
1. Use and Access:

  • This site is primarily intended to disseminate news, views and opinions and current affairs.
  • The services offered by the site and/or its partners/ affiliates/ advertisers/ franchisees/ agents/ agencies etc. may be accessed and/or used generally by any intending party, irrespective of region, religion, language, caste, creed, community, race, location, etc but subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. This Agreement shall continue to be in full force and effect for so long as you are using the website services.
  • The visitors/ users/ Subscribers must be majors and should be capable of contracting as per law of the land, where they access the portals. You represent and warrant that you are competent and eligible to enter into a legally binding agreement and have the requisite authority to represent and bind the other party to this Agreement. You shall not use this Service if you are not competent to contract under the applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
  • They must also submit and subject themselves to the laws of India and to the jurisdiction of law courts at Hyderabad, Telangana, India, for resolution of any dispute arising out of any eventuality related and/or attributable to the information posted in the site or URLs linked to this site.
  • reserves the right to alter, amend, modify or terminate the service or access to the service at any time, with or without cause. may at any time modify the terms and conditions (“Terms”) of the Service without any prior notification to you. You can access the latest version of the Terms here at any given time. You should regularly review the Terms. The users/subscribers shall agree for all such modifications, alterations, deletions, additions to the content or material or lay-out or get-up or color scheme or features or advertisements that may be made to the site at the discretion of RTPL. In the event the modified Terms are not acceptable to you, you should discontinue using the service.

2. Subscription:

  • By registering a profile when called for, one becomes a subscriber of NTVTelugu Portal. The Subscriber can access the content by logging into the portal with their user id and password. You shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password, which you will not be under an obligation to reveal to any representative or agent of NTVTelugu.
  • The subscription is currently free but Rachana Television Private Limited reserves its right to charge a subscription fee in the future. Thereafter, any person who remits the prescribed fees becomes a subscriber, as soon as the fees are duly accepted by RTPL and as soon the paid Subscribership is activated.
  • The subscription to the site is only for the sole, exclusive, personal use of the subscriber.
  • A subscriber cannot authorize others to use his/her Subscribership. A Subscriber cannot make the information on the site, available to anyone else either gratuitously or for any consideration.
  • The subscription of NTV Telugu Portal is not transferable and not assignable to any third party. It cannot to be assigned, transferred or licensed or used by any person/entity other than a registered Subscriber.
  • Commercial use of information is strictly prohibited.
  • The subscriber shall not alter or delete any material that is displayed on the portal nor shall the subscriber do or caused to be done anything that may damage the material posted on the portal or that may jeopardize any system or device attached or connected to the portal or the server of Rachana Television Private Limited.
  • The subscriber who does or cause to be done any objectionable/illegal act shall render himself/herself liable for all legal consequences thereto and shall also be liable to indemnify RTPL against any costs and consequences arising out of such objectionable/illegal acts of the subscriber to third parties.
  • The individuals seeking Subscribership may, at the discretion of RTPL be asked to furnish proof of their age, residence, nationality, academic qualifications, other credentials claimed and such other information, before granting access to the site or Subscribership. RTPL has the right to do a reference check in order to establish the credentials of the Subscriber before activating the profile on the website. RTPL shall not furnish any material or information displayed on the site to anyone.

3. Profile:

  • A profile of a subscriber is created by filling up the application online.
  • Subscriber may upload his/her photograph or a video clipping, when such a facility is made available, subject to technical feasibility.

4. Uploading/Posting of Material:

  • Only owners of photos, data, profiles or any other material can upload the same to the site. Others cannot upload or submit material for display on the site.
  • The person uploading/submitting material to the site is presumed to be the owner of such material and that such owner has placed/uploaded/submitted/made available under an assurance and undertaking and warranty that he/she is the owner of the material placed/ uploaded/ submitted/made available and with a further irrevocable right/authorization in favour of RTPL to display the material on the site without any obligation whatsoever on the part of RTPL or on such other persons authorized by RTPL either expressly or impliedly, to pay any remuneration, royalty, license fee etc. and such right/ authorization shall be without any territorial and time restrictions.
  • The subscriber shall finally be responsible and liable for any eventuality resulting in such posting or uploading of any material on the portal under his/her user id. RTPL shall be obliged under law to furnish the information to the concerned authorities, relating to any subscriber under whose user id any objectionable content is posted on the website or if any objectionable act is committed using the user id of a subscriber.
  • The subscriber shall not post any defamatory, offensive, excessive, exaggerated, false, malafide, inaccurate, erroneous, blasphemous, obscene, profane, pirated, offensive, salacious, ghastly, indecent, racial or illegal material on the site.
  • The visitors or subscriber shall not send abusive, threatening, coercive, harassing, indecent, obscene mails
  • No advertisement can be made on the site of any product or service or no offer of any sale of goods or services can be made without the prior consent of RTPL.
  • The Subscribers shall not submit or upload any material, which impinges upon or infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties. There shall be an implied assurance and undertaking from the Subscribers about the ownership, genuineness, and originality of all the information photographs profiles or other material submitted and/or uploaded on the site.

5. Deactivation /Deletion of Profile:

  • Profile of a paid Subscriber will be automatically deactivated if not renewed before expiry
  • The profile of a subscriber will be automatically deleted if it is inactive for 6 months.

6. Cancellation of Subscribership:

  • RTPL reserves unfettered right to cancel any subscription at any stage, without assigning any reason whatsoever. The Subscriber who thus forfeits the Subscribership shall not have any claim whatsoever either for the refund of Subscribership fee paid if any or any material is given or any information furnished to RTPL.
  • A subscription will automatically be canceled if any abusive, obscene or sexually oriented message/s or photo/s or video/s are sent by any Subscriber to other Subscribers or if such material is added to any profile. Such Subscribers shall not be entitled to any compensation from Rachana Television Private Limited.

7. Termination of Agreement:

  • This agreement can be terminated by either of the parties at any time, for any reason without notice to the other party. This right is without prejudice to the right of RPTL to suspend or terminate the access of the Subscriber to the site without notice for any breach of this Agreement.

8. Schemes:

  • RTPL offers periodically, different types of schemes on the site, for the convenience of all the Subscribers, each with their own distinct benefits. RTPL reserves the right to modify, amend, alter, change or discontinue the schemes at their absolute discretion. Subscribers are advised to refer Subscribership plans for current schemes.

9. Online Chat:

  • RTPL  may provide special services like ‘online chatting’, etc to Subscribers. The ‘online chat’ feature is primarily provided to facilitate online contact of two Subscribers. RTPL does not record or otherwise store any data transferred during ‘online chatting’ by Subscribers. Subscribers shall be personally responsible and liable for their conduct, behavior, language used and information transferred safety, security, privacy on ‘online chat’. Any objectionable conduct or behavior entails penal consequences apart from cancellation of Subscribership and deactivation of all services.

10. Ownership:

  • This site is owned and operated by Rachana Television Private Limited belongs NTV group, which also operates Vanitha TV and Bhakthi TV. The Company hereby reserves the right to change or discontinue any service, feature, offer, gift, contest, design, layout, content, platform, equipment, systems, program, software needed for the access or use of the site including Subscriber’s area.
  • RTPL reserves their right to make such modifications, alterations, deletions, additions to the content or material or lay-out or get-up or color scheme or features or advertisements, from time to time.
  • RTPL also reserves all their right to upgrade or downgrade the technology or platforms deployed by them in the portal and the subscribers shall have no objection for any such up-gradation and down-gradation of technology or change of platforms or deployment of new technology.

11. Duties and Obligations of Visitors and Subscribers:

  • The Subscribers shall furnish truthful, authentic, genuine, relevant, valid, correct, current, fair information for being displayed or posted on the site.
  • The Subscribers shall provide proof as may be required by RTPL to substantiate the information furnished.
  • Every Subscriber impliedly undertakes personal responsibility and liability as to the correctness, authenticity, genuineness of the information furnished for display on site.
  • The onus of proving the correctness of information furnished and/or displayed on the site lies on the concerned Subscribers.
  • The onus of proving that the information is wrong lies on the Subscribers/third parties asserting, relying on/using the information.
  • It shall be the duty of the visitors and Subscribers seeking any alliance or business relationship from the Subscribers whose profiles are displayed on any matrimony or business page in the site, to cause thorough enquiry and cross-check the correctness, authenticity, currency, genuineness of the information displayed on the site and take adequate precautions on their own before finalising the alliance or partnership.
  • The Subscribers availing online chat facility shall not misuse or misbehave with other Subscribers.
  • The Subscribers or non-Subscribers availing any services from third-party vendors adverting on the portal are advised to make independent verification of the product or service. RTPL shall not be responsible or liable for any misrepresentation or falsity of information on the site.

12. Errors and Discrepancies:

While RTPL takes every care and caution to maintain the site free of errors and discrepancies, it is possible for some mistakes to creep into the site by inadvertence, oversight, human error, innocence and honest belief in the information in good faith. RTPL shall not be liable in respect of innocent dissemination of such information and the liability of RTPL is limited to removal of such errors and discrepancies from the site. Subscribers and visitors may bring any such discrepancies to the notice of RTPL with reasonable proof for necessary action.

13. Intellectual Property Rights:

The intellectual property rights in the site like Trademarks, copyright in artistic works, photographs, creative, graphics, layout, design, text, video, audio, etc shall exclusively vest in RTPL. Any violation of such Intellectual Property Rights of RTPL by copying, publishing, distributing, modifying, transferring, altering, imposing, defacing shall be punishable under Law, including Copyright laws. RTPL sources material and photographs from Authorised Agencies and from Government websites which are copyright free. RTPL also sources news and material from Private agencies on the agreement of non-commercial use and non-distribution of the material and photographs. The Subscribers are advised not to download any images or material from NTVTelugu Portal and any use of the images downloaded from NTV Telugu Portals shall amount to infringement of the copyright of the owner of the photographs and shall entail penal consequences. The Intellectual Property rights in various trademarks, logos, photographs, text and other material posted on NTVTelugu Portal and any use of the same by the subscribers for whatever purpose would infringe upon the Intellectual Property Rights of the owners of the material including Rachana Television Private Limited. Subscribers are cautioned against the use of any intellectual property down loaded from NTV Telugu Portal.

  • Copying, storage, transmission, circulation of any information including photographs, profiles, code numbers, Subscribership numbers, addresses, etc displayed on the site, is strictly prohibited.
  • Some of the material which is procured by RTPL from third parties by way of a licence may be protected by international copyright laws, violation of which would entail penal consequences under international laws.
  • The Subscribers/visitors shall be solely responsible and liable for all the consequences arising out of any infringement of copyrights, proprietary rights including but not limited to damages, attorney fees, and expenses.

14. Advertisements:

  • RPTL publishes advertisements on the NTV Telugu Portal on “as is where is” basis. RTPL shall not endorse any products or services, advertised on NTV Telugu Portal nor do they vouch about the quality, quantity, utility of the product/services, advertised on NTV Telugu Portal the users/consumers are advised to cross-verify the genuineness, quality, quantity, utility and other attributes of the products/services advertised on NTV Telugu Portal.
  • RTPL does not vouch about the genuineness, qualification, age, region, religion, a caste of any person whose profile is advertised in the matrimonial columns of NTV Telugu Portal. Individuals are advised and cautioned to cross-verify all the claims made in the matrimonial advertisements before fixing up the alliance. RTPL shall not be responsible or liable for any misrepresentation made in any such matrimonial advertisements.
  • RTPL shall not undertake any responsibility for display of any erroneous or unauthorized material or information on the site and the liability of RTPL in case of any such display shall be limited to the removal of such information or material from the site and providing the details of the Subscribership account from where the offending information or material is found to have been uploaded to the site as per the records of RTPL.
  • RTPL shall be at liberty to run/display advertisements in NTV Telugu Portal in various forms, namely pop-ups, scrolls, tickers, buttons, paid links, ear panels, banner ads, etc., The subscriber shall not have objection for running all such advertisements on NTV Telugu Portal.
  • RTPL may distribute mail ids of the subscribers to their sister’s concerns for promotional activity. The subscribers by default are construed to have agreed for distribution of their mail ids to the sister concerns of RTPL only for promotional purposes. The subscribers are however at liberty to advise appropriately to the concerned, if they do not desire to receive the promotional material, by opting out of the direct mailers.
  • The Subscribership/access to the site is available subject to the condition that the site is accessed/used at the sole risk of the Subscriber/visitor. RTPL cannot and does not guarantee the availability of connection to the site, the services, and facilities nor does it assure any accuracy, quality, quantity, genuineness, and promptness of any of the services offered on the site.
  • While every endeavor is made to make the site free of any bugs, errors, viruses, failures, delays in transmission, etc. RTPL does not guarantee that the site or any of the services offered would be free of bugs, errors, viruses, failures, and RTPL does not accept any responsibility or liability for any such bugs, errors, viruses, failures delay in transmission, etc in the site.
  • RTPL reserves the right to make such additions, alterations, modifications, insertions, improvements to the site for the betterment and quality enhancement of the material displayed on the site. The Subscribers shall also agree for such modifications to the material for compatibility with the technological advancement and shall, without demur, agree for any changes that may be required to be made at the discretion of RTPL and also provide such information or material that may required for updation or upgradation of the site in view of any technological advancement.

15. Indemnity:

  • The Subscribers shall indemnify RTPL against any claims by third parties against RTPL in respect of any material posted by them on the site or any claim made by them in the profile.
  • The Subscribers shall indemnify RTPL against any claims by third parties in respect of infringements of any Intellectual Property Rights in respect of and/or in relation to any material posted by them on the site.

16. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability:

  • This site is provided by RTPL on an “as is” and “as available” basis. RTPL makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this site or the authenticity of the information, content, materials, or products included on this site. The visitor/Subscriber expressly agrees that his/her use of this site is at his/her sole risk.
  • RTPL does not warrant that this site, its servers, or e-mail sent from this site are free of viruses or other harmful components. RTPL will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this site, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.
  •  RTPL does not give any warranty whatsoever either express or implied, for any advertisement material displayed on the site as to the quality, quantity, utility, originality, genuineness, legality, punctuality of any goods or services offered by RTPL or its agents, business affiliates, associates, agencies, franchisees, etc. RTPL also does not give any warranty whatsoever either express or implied, of any disruption, interruption, breakdown of the site or services offered by RTPL or its agents, business affiliates, associates, agencies, franchisees, etc.
  • RTPL shall not be liable for any damages to any Subscribers or visitors or users or third parties for any injury or damage or hardship sustained by them on account of any error, failure, discrepancy, defect, shortfall, misdescription; any bugs, errors, viruses, failures delay in transmission, etc in the site; any defamatory, offensive, excessive, exaggerated, false, malafide, inaccurate, erroneous, blasphemous, obscene, profane, pirated, offensive, salacious, ghastly, indecent, racial or illegal material on the site. The Subscribers/visitors/users of the site specifically agree to this and discharge RTPL from any liability whatsoever for the said acts.
  • None of the staff or directors or officers or employees or agents of RTPL shall be liable in any manner whatsoever, for any of the claims of a Subscriber for any loss, damage, costs, expenses sustained or likely to be sustained by him/her, by the use and access of the site.
  • All articles, stories, information, news, views, incidents, occurrences, etc and any predictions, horoscopes, information that may be posted or displayed on the site are purely that of the respective authors. Subscribers/ visitors/users are requested to crosscheck the information from sources that are the most reliable and trusted in their personal opinion. RTPL shall not be liable for any action, damages, indemnity, cost, expenses that the Subscribers/visitors/ users may have sustained or incurred from the use of such information.
  • RTPL shall not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate, false, excessive, outdated, irrelevant information displayed or posted on the site at the instance of a Subscriber.
  • RTPL shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for any errors, discrepancies, and falsities in the information furnished by the Subscribers and displayed on the site.
  • RTPL shall not in any manner be responsible for any infringement and Intellectual Property rights of any third parties by Subscribers.
  • All articles, stories, features, news, views and opinions, occurrences, incidents displayed on NTV Telugu Portal are supplied by various agencies, written by respective authors and RTPL does not assume any responsibility or liability for any inaccuracy in any of the material posted on the website. The aggrieved parties are advised to address their grievances if any, to the concerned authority as indicated elsewhere in the portal. The Staff and Management, Directors of RTPL shall not be personally liable for any inaccuracy in the material posted on the website.
  • Horoscopes and predictions are sourced by RTPL from experts/professionals in the field. RTPL does not vouch for the accuracy of horoscopes and predictions, which are broadly indicative and may vary in individual cases. Individuals are advised to exercise caution in following the horoscope or predictions and are advised to cross-check the same if necessary.
  • RTPL, their staff, employees, directors, etc., shall not be liable for any inaccuracy in horoscope or prediction and for any consequent loss, damage, inconvenience caused to any member of the public by such horoscope or prediction.
  • Information relating to services like bus, train, a flight is provided on best effort basis on the basis available information obtained by the staff of RTPL. Members of the public are advised and cautioned to cross-check the information relating to the timings etc,. Casualties in information relating to accidents, information relating to casualties in any such accidents from link sources. RTPL, their staff, directors shall not be responsible for any inaccurate information.

17. Privacy Policy:

  • When you access to our website or use any of our Service, you agree that you authorize us to use, at no charge, your personal information and Content that you have given or provided to us or posted or published through our Service, or that we have recorded, stored, collected or processed in our computers. We record, store and collect your personal information from our users’ registration and by users’ voluntary participation in our surveys and contests, by server record and by cookies. The use of your personal information includes, but is not limited to, compiling statistics, advertising, marketing, providing, improving and developing our Service and sending any communication such as an e-newsletter or legal notice. We share your personal information with the companies in our group, our advertising companies, and our business partners. They will use your personal information for the purpose specified in these terms and conditions only.
  • We have the policy to respect your private rights. We will not check, monitor, change or disclose your personal information unless we, in our sole discretion and without providing you a notice, believe necessary to do so by laws or by the orders of governmental agencies, or to prevent and protect our rights or properties, or to enforce these terms and conditions of use, or to protect the interests of other users. You may send us an email request to update or change your personal information.
  • In case of registration for any Service, you are responsible for keeping confidentiality of your password and account and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password and account even when such activity is made by others who have access to your account by using your password.
  • We consider your personal information on our Service is required to be safeguarded. We use standard industry practices to carefully protect the confidentiality of your personal information, but no Content post or transmission over the Service can be guaranteed to be completely secure. Accordingly, we make no representations or warranties of any kind with regard to the sufficiency of these security measures and the security of any Content that you transmit to us. In the event that your personal information has been hacked, lost or damaged as a result of force majeure, breaching of this security by any person, technical malfunction or whatever causes or reasons, we reserve the right to refuse all liabilities and responsibilities incurred thereby.

18. Links:

Our Service contains links to websites and services of other service providers. Once you leave our Service, we are no longer responsible for the Content and any Service and terms and conditions of use of those other service providers even if they cooperate with us to provide the Service or use our name. In addition, we are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by websites and services of those other service providers such as any loss or damage caused by viruses or unwanted programs of websites and services of those other service providers. Each service provider has different terms and conditions of use, we encourage you to read terms and conditions of use of that other service providers.

19. Modifications and Alterations:

We reserve the rights to change, amend, modify, add and improve these terms and conditions of use without prior notice by posting new terms and conditions of use, and shall be deemed that any user who continues to access to the website or use any Service hereby agree implicitly to abide by such change, amendment, modification, addition, and improvement.

20. Contact

If you have any queries about this privacy statement, the practices of, or your dealings with this Web site, please email us or contact us:

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21. Disclaimer:

By accessing, you have read, understood and agree to be legally bound by the terms of the following disclaimer and user agreement.

  • We maintain (hereinafter “website”) to enhance public access to general information, news and current affairs especially relating to Telugu news. This service is provided on an “As Is” basis and is continually under development.
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