“This will happen if the government doesn’t allow..! “- Congress Whip

Chhaya Verma jostling marshals in Parliament
Chhaya Verma jostling marshals in Parliament

Both Houses of the Parliament hasn’t been functioning properly since the start of the session due to the uproar of opposition to discuss Pegasus, new farm laws etc., Even Lok Sabha Speaker and Rajya Sabha Chairman has requested the opposition to maintain decorum.

Both opposition and ruling parties have been alleging each other that the other didn’t allow discussion on pegasus and other public issues etc., and vice-versa. Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi and opposition MPs have shown the video of the Central government deploying marshals and forcibly sending them out. Especially, the women MPs were treated.  And the opposition called it ‘Murder of Democracy’ for not letting them raise their voice over public issues. 

Today, the CCTV footage video is released which depicted  Opposition MPs have manhandled the marshals. Not the Marshals. In the video, New Congress Whip in Rajya Sabha, Chhaya Verma was seen manhandling the lady marshal.

When ANI asked, she questioned,” Why Parliamentary Affairs Minister have deployed that many marshals in the House. Why would I apologize?” And she also said this will happen when the Parliament doesn’t allow discussion on people’ issues. The New Congress Whip said that it is the responsibility of the Central government to run Parliament. But they’re not allowing to address public issues.

On the other hand, Union Ministers hit out hard at opposition MPs and Rahul Gandhi as they didn’t preserve the honour of the parliament. And they’ve to apologize to the entire nation for their worst behaviour in the house instead of shedding crocodile tears.

Today, opposition leaders march from Parliament to Vijay Chowk demanding repeal of new farm laws.