Possible to prevent third wave in India: Expert

Rakesh Mishra, a well-known subject matter expert and former director of CSIR-CCMB, has opined that it’s possible to prevent the coming of the third wave of coronavirus. As per him, the ball is in the people’s court. 

We can end the pandemic completely by the end of 2021 if we strictly adhere to the masking up protocol, Mishra said. He also proposed that the clustering of people in closed spaces has to be prevented. In other words, he seems to be against the re-opening of theatres, among others. It could also mean that poorly ventilated schools/colleges can’t be re-opened this year. 

Thirdly, the rate of vaccination has to go up. On this front, the government is doing a decent job. August and September could see massive improvements in vaccination rates, data says. 

Finally, Mishra said, the pace of testing has to go up, besides tracing and isolation of positive cases in clusters