March 10th will decide India’s political trajectory: Analysts

March 10th will decide India's political trajectory: Analysts

Everyone who is interested in politics is waiting for the March 10th election results. Analysts are saying that the political future of India will be known on the date.

They are obviously referring to Uttar Pradesh and Punjab Assembly election results. If Congress wins in Punjab and BJP loses in UP, it will trigger the toughest phase in the political career of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, commentators feel.

But if Congress loses in Punjab and BJP wins in UP, it will accentuate the efforts of Modi to wipe out Congress from the political map and propel Yogi Adityanath as a new pan-India Hindutva icon. 

If Congress wins in Punjab (besides securing Uttarakhand and Manipur) and BJP wins in UP, it might mean that Congress will stand a good chance of challenging the BJP consensus.