Finally, even the Government comes out with ‘Family Man 2’ meme

‘The Family Man 2’ mania has infected the Government of India as well. On Thursday, the Ministry of I&B attempted a meme as part of its vaccination awareness program. 

In the meme, Manoj Bajpayee’s Srikant Tiwari (duly wearing a mask) is seen asking Chellam Sir which vaccine he has to take. Chellam Sir, who is a retired top intelligence officer in the espionage thriller, replies that all vaccines are safe. He asks Tiwari to take a vaccine as soon as possible. The meme is directly derived from the nature of the characters in the Amazon Prime web series. 

The meme is as useful and classy as it gets. At a time when the Instagram and OTT generation is going gaga over the likable Chellam Sir and the web series, the government has rightly mixed message with entertainment!