Does new price cuts indicate early elections in Nation?

New Price cuts on Petrol, Diesel, LPG Subsidy and Imports duty reduction of Steel raw materials by Government indicates Early Parliament elections?

Indian Finance Minister Shri. Nirmala Sitharaman
Indian Finance Minister Shri. Nirmala Sitharaman

Indian Union Government has been facing some solid criticism and opposition has been increasing their problems by cornering them about increasing inflation, loss of jobs, recession fears, Sensex drops, increased prices of regular food items, essential cooking items, vegetables, fuel like petrol, diesel and LPG gas cylinder. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been trolled and alleged of favouring to his friends as well.

Finance Minister, Shri. Nirmala Sitharaman has been taking huge amount of comments, trolls as well. She came up with huge benefits on Saturday, 21st May and reduced taxes on Petrol, Diesel fuels to bring down their prices by Rs. 8.00 and Rs. 6.00, respectively. She also announced subsidy on LPG Cylinder that Central Government revoked and offered Rs. 200 as subsidy amount on a domestic cylinder. Those people who are eligible under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana would get the amount directly into their bank accounts.

She further announced subsidy on fertilisers Rs. 1.10 crores additional to Rs. 1.05 crores announced in Union Budget. Additionally, she reduced custom duty on some raw materials for steel and plastic products. She also levied export duty on steel products.

Well, this looks like a strong answer to all the heat they have been facing over hikes but experts opine that BJP might want to push the Parliament elections early to not let opposition gain any sort of momentum over the above said issues. By giving as many possible incentives, experts suggest that governments, in generally, indicate that they are caring for public and try to use that positivity to help them take to an election.

They also think that Covid-19 pandemic has thrown many challenges in front of the government and people are mixed about the government handling those issues. If recent issues pertain and government behave as if no problems are existent then people will revolt but if they show that they care a section that support them could spread positive word and those on fence could turn in their favour. As opposition will try to push the narrative that they can come up with better alternative solutions, government could try nullify that as much as they can and push for early elections to not give them much time to gain momentum. Do you think the same too?