BJP leads in four states, AAP sweeps Punjab

BJP leads in four states, AAP sweeps Punjab 2022 assembly election results

The counting for five states have been started. The results in five states are much similar to that of exit polls. BJP is leading in UP, Manipur, Uttarakhand, and Goa whereas AAP sweeps Punjab.

In UP, BJP has been leading in 235 seats whereas SP in 92 seats, Congress in 2 and others in 8. In Punjab, it almost confirmed the victory of AAP. It was leading in 86 seats, BJP in 3, Congress in 17, and Others in 11.

In Manipur, BJP leads in 25 seats, Congress in 14, NPP-11, and Others-9. In Uttarakhand, BJP leads in 44 seats, Congress in 20, and Others-04.  In Goa, there is a tug of war between both BJP and Congress. The leading between two parties has been changing in every minute. At Present, BJP is leading in 14, Congress in 13, AAP-1, and Others-10.