The Family Man 2’s pace should teach Tollywood key lessons

‘The Family Man 2’, which is streaming on Amazon Prime, has been lauded for its high-class production quality. It would be no exaggeration to say that its visual and technical quality surpasses that of most Telugu films. We are talking about a web series, not even a film. 

What is of greater significance is that the creators Raj & DK pulled it off without much delay even during the pandemic. Announced in November 2019, its first schedule was completed on 2 March 2020. Despite the first wave of coronavirus affecting its later schedules, the entire production works were wrapped up on 16 October 2020.

Post-production works got delayed but such things happen routinely in Telugu cinema for most of the big projects after endless delays in the completion of production works. 
‘The Family Man 2’ was like shooting three movies (given the run time). The web series was shot in a wide variety of locations by three directors (Raj and DK belong to one set). A film of similar scale would have taken almost double the time for most of the Telugu filmmakers, considering they encounter practical difficulties on challenging projects. 

Raj & DK have learned a great deal because of their association with Bollywood for more than 10 years. Tollywood has a lot of catching up to do. The era of endless delays in Telugu cinema will not come to an end if Tollywoodians don’t upskill themselves.