Telugu Producer Dil Raju rubbishes recent gossips

Telugu Producer Dil Raju attended Karthikeya 2 success meet in Hyderabad. He emotionally slammed media for recent gossips over him.

Dil Raju at Karthikeya 2 success meet
Dil Raju at Karthikeya 2 success meet

Telugu Producer Dil Raju attended Karthikeya 2 success meet in Hyderabad. He seemed highly emotional and angry during his speech. He said,” I am here in films due to my passion and everyone here is a passionate being about filmmaking. Stop spreading false rumors and gossips about us, in particularly about me for clicks, TRPs and your benefit.”

He slammed media for spreading huge negative articles, news about him behind Karthikeya 2 not getting more theatres and Nikhil Siddhartha, film’s hero expressing disgust about not allowing him to release his film properly.

Well, Dil Raju stated,” I suggested to Nikhil and Chandu Mondeti, if they would like to avoid clash with Thank You, then they can take another date. Chandu Mondeti, the director has close relation with Naga Chaitanya and to not sour their relationship, he has voluntarily decided to choose another date. When they asked me to suggest a date after choosing 5th August, I told them if they can they should look to avoid clash with Sita Ramam and Bimbisara, as it won’t be healthy. Later, when he said even 12th has multiple releases, I told them see if you can come one day early or one day later, as just a suggestion and not as any rule.”

He clarified that Nikhil for him is like his own family member as he did act in Happy Days. Also, Dil Raju praised Abhishek Agarwal and TG Vishwa Prasad, producers of the film, Karthikeya 2 as some of his close friends, industry bigwigs. He asked media to confirm with him before writing anything or just don’t publish rubbish about him for clicks.

Nikhil hugged Dil Raju and clarified that he has no problems with him and asked media to stop spreading any further that interview and words. Karthikeya 2 is getting positive word of mouth and the movie will end up being a blockbuster.