Samantha Ruth Prabhu Yashoda Movie Review

Samantha Ruth Prabhu Yashoda Movie Review
Samantha Ruth Prabhu Yashoda Movie Review

Cast: Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Unni Mukundan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rao Ramesh, Sampath Raj, Murali Sharma, Kalpika Ganesh, Divya Sripada, Shatru

Cinematography: M. Sukumar
Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Music Composer: Mani Sharma
Producer: Sivalenka Krishna Prasad
Directed by Hari – Harish

Rating: 3.0/5

Samantha Ruth Prabhu has decided to test the solo lead lady oriented subjects and she took on action avatar in Yashoda movie. Sivalenka Krishna Prasad produced the film based on a script written by debutants Hari-Harish, as directors. Mani Sharma composed music for this thriller film and Trailers became highly popular. Can Samantha Ruth Prabhu also foray into Anushka Shetty and Nayanthara zone in lady oriented films with Yashoda? Let’s discuss about the film.


Yashoda (Samantha Ruth Prabhu) joins Surrogacy company EVA, as a surrogate. She gets close to Leela (Divya Sripada) and few other surrogates like her. On the other hand, Police start investigation into rare drugs found in the city. Commissioner (Murali Sharma) brings retired Military Officer Vasudev (Sampath Raj) as consultant. They suspect a minister’s son, find out some clues but everything gets eliminated, before they can move further in investigation.

Yashoda gets suspicious when one of thier friend doesn’t return after going into labour. Meanwhile, she gets attracted to duty doctor Gowtham ( Unni Mukundan) and Eva owner Madhu (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) also becomes friendly with everyone. Yashoda’s suspicions grow and one day, she finds out that they are not where were supposedly staying. She feels strongly that they have been captivated. Her friend Leela gets into labor and she starts to fasten her investigation. What happens next? Watch the movie to know more…

Samantha About Yashoda
Samantha About Yashoda


Samantha Ruth Prabhu gave a very balanced performance as Yashoda. In action sequences, she showed great ease and she also dubbed in her own voice. But screenplay has let her down as writing doesn’t support her efforts. Samantha Ruth Prabhu has pulled off even complex characters and this did not challenge her much even though she played a pregnant for the first time on-screen in full length film. Unni Mukundan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Murali Sharma, Shatru, Sampath Raj did their roles well enough but nothing specific to write about. Rao Ramesh is getting routine in certain characters. Mani Sharma Background Score is good and M. Sukumar camera work is fine. Editing feels rushed at places.

Debutants Hari-Harish tried to mix sympathy, thriller with few mythological connections. They had a strong point in fetus harvesting for beauty products but the way things unfold seemed too convenient on screen, even if we don’t consider logical loopholes. The excitement of watching a puzzle game, majorly, being able to solve the maze. Here, we hardly get any excitement watching Samantha Ruth Prabhu going through the establishment. It just feels like a sequence has to be created since the story has to move and she too gets to solve. Basic fear of being caught or edge of the seat level excitement did not appear in the film. On the whole, the film looks heavily inspired from Level 16 and Island movies and it is easily watchable.

Samantha Performance
Production Values
Mani Sharma’s BGM

Dragged Climax
Rushed part in second hour

Bottom line: Predictable yet Fun

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