Rashmika Mandanna to “live” in Pushpa 2!

The recent rumors about Rashmika's character worried fans of "National Crush". Producer denied any such development and rumors as speculations.

Rashmika character to stay alive in Pushpa 2
Rashmika character to stay alive in Pushpa 2

Ever since KGF Chapter 2 has come out, several fans started predicting that Rashmika Mandanna character will be killed by Bhagwant Singh Shekawat, Faahad Faasil character. They drew similarities between KGF Chapter 1 and Pushpa The Rise, already. Allu Arjun has high hopes from Pushpa The Rule as the first part became a huge hit in North Indian markets, when no one expected it to be. So, Sukumar is extra cautious with the script.

Sukumar can deny this comparison and reveal that he had this story from long in his head but as it is an age old gangster drama, KGF or any other film comparisons are apparent and inevitable.

The recent rumors though worried fans of “National Crush” and also Pushpa fans that there won’t be “glamour quotient” without her character in the second part. They hoped for her to be alive. Producer Ravi Shankar revealed that the script hasn’t been completed yet to National media.

He told them that they did not get the story narration yet and Sukumar is writing currently. He confirmed that she would be alive in the second part as well. But as he also said that Sukumar still did not give them story reading and all rumors are speculations, we cannot deny her character’s “probable death” too. Let’s wait and see.