Rajamouli to go for the reshoot of RRR!

Rajamouli to go for the reshoot of RRR
Rajamouli to go for the reshoot of RRR

While fans of both NTR and Ram Charan have been waiting for an official word over the release of RRR, there has been a shocking buzz floating on social media.

If the buzz is believed to be true, maverick director Rajamouli has decided to go for a reshoot with the lead actors for a few more scenes for perfection. This reshoot will be completed in less than a week.  Well, no need to specifically tell about the perfection of Rajamouli. He is crystal clear in every aspect and won’t compromise on the outcome that he intends.  

That’s why actors call him ‘Jakkanna’ with love.  This perfection of Rajamouli has made him the No 1 director of India. And he is one of the very few directors who doesn’t have flops in his career so far.  

Through a press meet, the team will confirm the release of RRR this September.