Radhe is all set to take a good opening there

In these terrible times of Covid, Salman Khan is all set to illuminate this Eid with Radhe. The action-packed trailer followed by Seeti Maar has not only amplified expectations on the film but also instilled a curiosity in fans and movie lovers to give a definite shot to it.

In India, there is scope for Salman fans and movie lovers to witness Radhe in theatres because it is going to be a costly mistake of one’s life as a pandemic is swallowing many lives. And the entire nation has closed theatres and multiplexes.

Radhe releases only overseas. According to the latest reports, the advance bookings are promising for the film in Gulf countries and other parts of the world. In most of the nations, there is a 50% occupancy where in some, there is 100% occupancy.

As per trade analysts, Radhe will have good box office openings overseas because of Eid followed by Salman’s stardom. Radhe is releasing on 13th May in theatres, OTT and DTH platforms.