Naveen Polishetty brings back a smile to a depressed mother

Jathi Ratnalu is one such rare film that made everyone laugh out loud and forgot the dismay caused due to the Covid. This terrible infection has swallowed the lives of many people’s dearest ones.

A mother who lost her husband has forgotten the smile and is on the verge of depression. Her son made her watch Naveen Polishetty’s laughter riot Jathi Ratnalu. It has brought a smile to a mother’s face. After witnessing the mother’s smile, the jubilant son has shared this news with Naveen Polishetty on Twitter.  That jubilant son is Sai Smaran S@Smaran_S.

After knowing this, Naveen Polishetty asked him to DM his details. Later, Naveen has interacted with the mother of Sai Smaran on a video call. Again the mother smiled with Naveen’s video call.

It is truly a wonderful gesture from the Jathi Ratnalu actor.