Mark Antony Review: Wayward and Clueless

Mark Antony Movie Review and Rating
Mark Antony Movie Review and Rating

Mark Antony Cast: Vishal, SJ Suryah, Ritu Verma, Abhinaya, Sunil, Y.G. Mahendran, Selva Raghavan

Mark Antony Crew:
Music by GV Prakash
Cinematography by Abhinandan Ramanujan
Produced by S. Vinod Kumar
Written & Directed by Adhik Ravichandran

Mark Antony Movie 2/5

Mark Antony, starring Vishal, SJ Suryah and Ritu Verma in lead roles, released on 15th September. Adhik Ravichandran, who is known for his comic movies, made this sci-fi comedy. Vishal after sole flops, is hoping to entertain audiences big time with Mark Antony. Let’s discuss about the movie, in detail.

Mark Antony Movie Review and Rating
Mark Antony Movie Review and Rating

Mark Antony Plot:
Ekabaram(Sunil) kills Antony(Vishal) at a club in 1975. During that assassination attempt, a scientist Chiranjeevi(Selva Raghavan) gets hit by bullets fired. He tries to save himself using his time travelling phone. He fails and dies in an accident. 20 years later, Mark Antony(Vishal), hates his father Antony for killing his mother. He respects his father’s friend Jackie(SJ Suryah) as his Dad. Madan Marthanda(SJ Suryah), son of Jackie, is close friend of Mark. While Mark Antony, becomes a mechanic, they both run Mafia business as Gangsters that Antony left over.

Mark and Madan fall in love with Ramya (Ritu Verma). Mark finds the time traveling phone as he is repairing old vintage car of Chiranjeevi, that belongs to Ramya, now. Mark tries to call to his past and save his mother from his father and another assassination attempt. He finds out that his mother(Abhinaya) is not killed by his father. What happens next and how will he try to save his family, 20 years ago from 20 years after? Watch the movie Mark Antony for answers!

Mark Antony Movie Review and Rating
Mark Antony Movie Review and Rating

Mark Antony Analysis:
SJ Suryah has become an asset for any kind of film, he is being cast in. Mark Antony is one more film that benefits because of his performance. He embodies the devilish attitude and gives some good moments in the second half. Vishal is also good as Mark Antony in a dual role. But writing did not help him much to create an aura around his Antony character. That aura would have helped the director in convincing us and relating to the proceedings. Rather the character looks pale and weak as it is used just for stunts. It required more meat than jhst him escaping from assassination attempts.

Adhik Ravichandran is one of a kind writer when it comes to weird comedy. His vision and imagination are different from regular makers. But in Mark Antony, like in AAA, he again went overboard. Rather than giving character moments to identify, he tried to give “cinematic moments” with caricatures. While mass sequences are plenty, the suspension of disbelief that film requires is too much to handle. Many Indian films ask for such suspension but here Adhik did not handle them properly. Story keeps running in circles around one event and that repetitiveness kills the fun out of the novel concept. Wayward narrative and clueless scenes hamper it more and more. Had Adhik been able to give more emotional drama and great comedy, this Mark Antony would’ve been memorable attempt. For now, it just assassinates itself with repetitiveness.

Mark Antony Positives:
SJ Suryah performance
Vishal as Antony
Innovative Concept
Few Songs

Mark Antony Negatives:
Unfunny scenes
Underwhelming Script
Draggy Scenes
Wayward Narrative

Mark Antony Movie Bottom-line: Scathingly Underwhelming!

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