Manchu Vishnu Ginna Movie Review

Ginna has been promoted as a horror comedy. For the first time, Manchu Vishnu tried such a genre and now, let's discuss about the film.

Manchu Vishnu Ginna Movie Review
Manchu Vishnu Ginna Movie Review

Cast: Manchu Vishnu, Sunny Leone, Payal Rajput, Vennela Kishore, “Satyam” Rajesh, Raghu Babu

Cinematography: Chota K. Naidu
Editor: Chota K. Prasad
Music Composer: Anup Rubens
Producer: Mohan Babu
Written by G. Srinivas Reddy, Kona Venkat
Director: Eeshan Suryah

Rating: 2.5/5

Manchu Vishnu has not been at the thick of the things from past few years. He is hoping to deliver a big box office success with Ginna as Sunny Leone and Payal Rajput kind of “crazy” actors have been added to the cast. After Dhee, Manchu Vishnu tried movies that focus more on his comic touch than his action strength and now, Ginna has been promoted as a horror comedy. For the first time, Manchu Vishnu tried such a genre and now, let’s discuss about the film.


Gali Nageswara Rao aka Ginna (Manchu Vishnu) from young age loves to be self-centric more than others. He becomes friends with two girls, Renuka and Swathi. Renuka moves to a foreign nation and Ginna grows up to become a businessman. But he fails in running success business and due to this, he lands up in huge debts. His Tent House gets categorised as unlucky and to be used only while performing After Death Rituals. He likes Swathi (Payal Rajput) even after all these years. As their love progresses, Deaf & Dumb, Renuka (Sunny Leone) enters as an NRI with loads of cash. Ginna gets attracted to the cash more than Renuka. Will be able to cheat her and gather the cash? Is there a bigger twist waiting for him? Watch the movie to know more…


Manchu Vishnu has not been highly smart in choosing good scripts and when he had a good director, some things did not work out as anticipated. He did not give up on films and decided to wait for better ones to come his way. Unfortunately, for him, this movie at the story level has many flaws that he seems to have ignored. Even at casting level, casting Sunny Leone, in such a role that demands better acting skills and screen presence, movie makers have taken a wrong choice. The expectations would be different from her character and this film or character doesn’t really deliver on them. Manchu Vishnu as an actor too seems to be sticking to his comfort zone more. This character did not challenge him at all and he did what is needed.

Payal Rajput got sidelined for Sunny Leone but did her part well. All others did not have much to do. As a film, Ginna works only in first few moments. Screenplay derails after first fifteen minutes and never really picks up from there. Twist seems to be written for the sake of a twist and writing never really tries to be grounded and focused on the plot, characters. It goes into random directions and then with a twist tries to engage, bring few threads into order but scenes that needed to flow till that moment doesn’t really have that engaging quality. Production Values are not that great and technically film doesn’t promise to be world-class. On the whole, if you want to give “psychological thrillers” a try, you may watch it.


Manchu Vishnu’s screen presence
One Song
An action sequence


Twist doesn’t work
Casting choices
Major comedy chunks

Bottom line: Psychologically illogical!

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