Horror Thriller Masooda Movie Review

Masooda promises to be an unique horror experience for Telugu audiences. Movie released on 18th November and Let's discuss about the film, now.

Horror Thriller Masooda Movie
Horror Thriller Masooda Movie

Cast: Thiruveer, Sangeetha, Bandhavi Sridhar, Kavya Kalyanram, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Satyam Rajesh

Cinematography: Nagesh Banell
Editor: Jesvin
Music Composer: Prashant R. Vihari
Producer: Rahul Yadav Nakka,
Directed by Sai Kiran Y

Rating: 2.5/5

Post critically acclaimed George Reddy, Thiruveer found good traction for his performances on OTT platforms. The young actor has now headlined a ghost horror film, Masooda. Based on Egyptian and Persian Devil and Ghost stories, Masooda promises to be an unique horror experience for Telugu audiences. Movie released on 18th November and Let’s discuss about the film, now.


Gopi (Thiruveer) is staying in the neighborhood of Nazia (Bandhavi Sridhar) and Neelam (Sangeetha). He helps them in day-to-day aspects while they offer him some home-cooked food and look after him, like friends. People spread gossips but they don’t care. Gopi has a crush on his office colleague (Kavya) and he finally gets a date with her. As they both try to take their relationship to next level, Gopi hears Nazia’s scream and Neelam’s cry for help. He decides to help them leaving his crush high and dry. A villager Mir keeps following Nazia and he understands that Masooda is overpowering young girl. Who is Masooda? Can Gopi help Nazia? Will his crush understand him and how will Peer Baba (Subhaleka Sudhakar) help him in all this? Watch the movie to know more…

Masooda Movie Review
Masooda Movie Review


It is not easy to scare someone and it is very difficult to convince someone about ghosts too. With so many horror films coming out every year in different languages, finding an interesting and new horror story is even more difficult. Even when we consider such things, Masooda still feels like a flat narrative without any kind of real “scares”. The believability factor in a cinema is achieved when we indulge audiences into the drama not when we remove them out. Director Sai Kiran’s technique in handling important drama scenes did not let the drama to be taken seriously for one moment too.

For example, in a scene where Sangeetha seems to be extending friendly getures to Thiruveer character, it is written and performed in a way that they have some sexual tension when that shouldn’t have been the case. In another scene, where love story should blossom, we tend to get the idea of both being attracted towards each other for lust than love. Writing needed to be more imaginative and creative for horror elements to really shine in a rather leisurely narrated movie. Thiruveer did not entirely fit the bill but he did his best to perform in the character. Sangeetha, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Bandhavi Sridhar leave an impression. Cinematography is good. You may find it interesting if you bare with slow pace but don’t expect many horror moments.

Production Values
Senior actors performances

Lack of Scary Moments
Dragged Narration
Too Simple Story

Bottom line: Too Slow to Scare!

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