Bhaag Saale Movie Review: Exhausting Experience

Bhaag Saale Movie Review and Rating
Bhaag Saale Movie Review and Rating

Bhaag Saale Cast: Sri Simha Koduri, Neha Solanki, Rajeev Kanakala, John Vijay, Varshini Soundarajan, Nandini Roy, Viva Harsha, Satya, Sudarshan, Prithvi Raj, RJ Hemant, Bindu Chandramouli

Bhaag Saale Crew:
Editor: Karthika Srinivas
Cinematography: Kushendra Ramesh Reddy
Music Director: Kaala Bhairava
Producer: Arjun Dasyan, Yash Rangineni, Singanamala Kalyan
Director: Praneet Bramandapalli

Bhaag Saale Movie Rating: 2/5

Bhaag Saale is a comic caper from Sri Simha Koduru. He debuted as a lead with Mathu Vadalara and this is another dark humour thriller from him. Neha Solanki, Nandini Rai, John Vijay are also cast in this movie. Bhaag Saale is a word coined popularly in Mahesh Babu Businessman movie. And it means Run for your life. So, from whom and why people are running in Praneet Bramandapalli’s Bhaag Saale? Let’s discuss.

Bhaag Saale Plot:
Bhaag Saale starts with Arjun(Sri Simha Koduri) running away from situations and people. He starts to narrate his goal to become a rich person and a big businessman. He is a Chef and dreams about starting a restaurant. His father(Rajeev Kanakala) is a miserly person and Arjun doesn’t get a go ahead for his plans. Hence, by pretending as a filthy rich person, Arjun woes Maya(Neha Solanki). Meanwhile, Samuel(John Vijay) hunts for a ring that belongs to Maya’s ancestors. He wants to gift it to his love, Nalini(Nandini Rai). Who is Nalini? Why she wants that Ring? Why Arjun is running away? Watch Bhaag Saale to know more!

Bhaag Saale is a crime comedy that deals with a ring
Bhaag Saale is a crime comedy that deals with a ring

Bhaag Saale Analysis:
Bhaag Saale tries to be a crime comedy. While the intention is to deliver a dark humor filled screenplay, the movie falls short with problematic writing and characters. The search for a ring and the situations created to tackle with its missing seem too random for comedy to work. Bhaag Saale tries to keep screenplay running but it ends up cricling around same point and situations again and again. Hero tries hard to please the woman in his life with lies without any remorse. But situations don’t challenge him enough to come out of those lies.

Also, the scenes that depict Rajeev Kanakala’s miserly behavior and the setting doesn’t add to the build-up of Hero. Every scene and situation look like the team had ideas and took influences from other films and then failed to reproduce them properly. Bhaag Saale tries to work on simple and silly one-liners, easy jokes like pointing at crouch. Had they all been part of a good tight screenplay and well-developed script, the movie could have been a good entertainer. Bhaag Saale has the ingredients but dish feels raw and criminally undercooked.

Bhaag Saale Positives:
Sri Simha is Good
Harsha one-liners work at places
Rajeev Kanakala scenes

Bhaag Saale Negatives:
Comedy doesn’t work
Lethargic Screenplay
Annoying Double Innuendoes

Bhaag Saale Bottom-line: Characters Run … Comedy Doesn’t!

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