‘Annaatthe’ Rajinikanth lauds ‘Thalaivii’ team

annaatthe rajinikanth appreciates Thalaivii team
annaatthe rajinikanth appreciates Thalaivii team

The biopic of Late TN CM Jayalalithaa has been released across India amid great accolades from critics. The film which started its box office run on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi has been doing pretty well.

Coming to the main point, Thalaivar Rajinikanth has watched ‘Thalaivii’ in a private screening. Like many, Superstar was also impressed by the brilliant work of team ‘Thalaivii’ and lauded the entire team.

‘Annaatthe’ called the director Vijay and congratulated him. After the second wave, probably, this is the first movie which got terrific appreciation from all critics. ‘Thalaivii’ is doing well at the box office with positive responses all over.

It is not doing business up to the mark as anticipated in Telugu. The reason is said to be the title ‘Thalaivii’ of the film. In Telugu, some other title would have been made Telugu movie lovers understand that the film is about Former TN CM and their favourite yesteryear actress Jayalalithaa.