Allari Naresh completes twenty years in TFI

Allari Naresh, the comedy hero of Telugu Cinema completed two decades of successful career and the actor shared his happiness on social media

Naresh completes 20 years
Naresh completes 20 years

Allari Naresh has been equated to Rajendra Prasad from yesteryear heroes of Telugu Cinema. Chalam, Padmanabham and Raja babu started a trend of comedy hero movies in Telugu Cinema and in next generation, Rajendra Prasad took it to star status along with Naresh. Family audiences loved to watch their movies while RP mixed mass comedy with class comedy. EVV Satyanarayana made even stars do comedy in his films and hence, the status of comedy hero did not fit in Telugu Cinema for a decade.

Interestingly, EVV’s son Edara Naresh took on the mantle of Comedy hero and continued as one for twenty years. After several flops, now he has decided to change his direction to become a serious actor on screen post Nandhi but his first recognition has always been as a comedy hero.

As his father loves comedy, Naresh decided to not lose that essence ever. Until he finds a script that is hilarious he would continue with serious roles. Edara Naresh became Allari Naresh, as actor turned director Ravi Babu wanted a young and fresh face for his teen comedy, Allari and Naresh fit the bill. Even EVV Satyanarayana did not entirely believe that Naresh can become a successful actor but he proved otherwise with his talent and hardwork.

After 59 films in two decades, Allari Naresh has become a brand for good comedies and reliable performances. He just needs to find some good scripts and he will be back to his glory days for sure. Congrats Naresh on completing two decades and we wish you many mor “Allari” filled successful years ahead.