Alia Bhatt dominates everyone in RRR

Visionary director Rajamouli is introducing Bollywood Superstar Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt to Telugu and south movie lovers with ‘RRR’.  Surprisingly, both roles have a lesser timer in the film.

Coming to the main point, whenever Alia Bhatt appears on screen in RRR, she dominates and captivates. No one will shift their focus on her. Yes, these words said by none other than great story writer, K Vijayendra Prasad. The Baahubali writer who has happened to see the film ‘RRR’ has said the above words. He said Alia is a surprise package. She casts a spell with her performance despite her screen presence is limited.

Mr Vijayendra Prasad has shared a lot of exciting details about his personal and professional life in a talk show of Star Comedian Ali.